GUMDROP BUTTERFLIES                      2-A3

 Preparation:  (15 minutes)

You will need:            
* large gumdrops                               * small pretzels (not sticks)
* small paper plates                           * toothpicks
* licorice string cut into 1” lengths

1.  Break the pretzels into pieces that resemble wing shapes.
2.  Lay out the gumdrops, pretzel pieces and licorice on the table.
3.  Place a few toothpicks in a cup in the center of the table.

1.   Ask the children to collect a plate and sit at the tables.
2.   Give them a minute to look at the food on the table.  Ask, “Does anyone have an idea of how we can make a butterfly out of what you see?”  If there is no response, ask, “What could be the body?  The wings?  The antennae?”
3.   See what they can create!  For those children that have difficulty visualizing this, sit at the table and create some yourself.

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