NURSERY RHYME INTERVIEWS                       8-G8

This activity can be set up in a variety of ways:

1.  The teachers can interview the children pretending to be nursery rhyme characters and record their responses.
2.  The children can interview each other acting as nursery rhyme characters as a teacher records their responses.
3.  Parents can be invited to act as a nursery rhyme character and the teacher and children can ask questions which are recorded.

Questions that might be asked could be:

            · Where do you work?

            · Where do you live?  Who lives with you?

            · What did you use to do your work?

            · How did you learn how to be your character?

            · Did you get in trouble?  Why?

            · Are you real or pretend?

            · Are there any animals that you work with or play with?

Have fun with this!  If you are doing the suggested options, use props or costumes when being interviewed. Gather the group when you are finished with the interviews and read some of the responses.  Summarize what they have learned and ask, "Is that what you thought ____ would say?"  ___________________________________________________________________________ Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes                                   Social Studies globe202