BODY MUNCHERS                               5-F14

Preparation: (15 minutes)

You will need:        

* 3 paper bags                       * markers 
* objects/pictures                   * scissors

1.  Decorate each bag: 1 with a nose, 1 with a closed mouth, and the 3rd with a mouth showing lots of teeth.  Cut holes under the nose, and a slit in the mouth and teeth.  Mark the nose with “Nn”, the mouth with “Mm”, and the teeth with, “Tt”.
2.   Collect a large variety of objects and/or pictures beginning with the letters Mm, Nn and Tt.

1.   Place the 3 bags on the floor and have the children gather around.  Lay the objects and pictures randomly on the floor.  Introduce the children to “Nosy Nose”, “Munching Mouth”, and “Tasty Teeth” and explain that they are very hungry for things that begin like they do.
2.   Demonstrate what objects each character will eat, for example Nosy Nose likes numbers, Munching Mouth eats marbles, and Tasty Teeth likes tops.  Make sure to over-emphasis the beginning sounds, “mmmmarbles”.
3.   Have the children take turns selecting objects/pictures and “feeding” the appropriate characters.  Reinforce correct answers and prompt incorrect response.
4.   When everyone has had a turn, empty the bags and leave out for free exploration during playtime.

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