KWANZAA PATTERNS                                     6-W1

Preparation: (10 minutes)

You will need:       
* red, green, and black stamp pads or paint pads          
* white drawing paper

1.  Set up at least 4 of each color of stamp pads.  If you are using paints, pour a thin layer of paint onto a paper plate with a paper towel.  The paper towel will create the same effect as the stamp pad.
2.  Place paper on the tables.

1.   Gather the children and tell them that they are going to make patterns with the Kwanzaa colors.  Point to each color and have the children name them. 
2.   Begin a pattern yourself, verbalizing as you work, “I am going to dip my finger in the red and make a red print, then I will make a green print, and back to red again.  What do you think will come next?”
3.   Continue to create patterns and having the children help to add on to them.  Do as many times as you feel is necessary for them to understand creating and adding to patterns.
4.   Invite the children to the tables and point out the paper and stamp pads/paint pads.  Remind them of how to make patterns and encourage them to get started.  You may want the children to repeat 2 or 3 patterns that you name before having them work independently.   Move around the room providing prompts and reinforcements as needed.  Let them share their patterns with the class.

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