COUNTING TEETH                                6-E8

Preparation: (20 minutes)

You will need:              

* butcher paper                  * markers                 * tape               
* construction paper

1.   Make a large T-Rex head using the butcher paper.  Emphasize the mouth, but do not add teeth.  Hang the head on a wall, chalk board or easel.
2.  Make 20 - 40 triangular teeth and have tape handy.

1.   Gather the children around the T-Rex head you have made.  Point out that this poor T-Rex has no teeth!  Tell them that they will be helping Mr. T-Rex by counting out teeth for him.
2.    Select children to come up to add 1, 2, or 3 teeth for Mr. T-Rex.  After each addition, count the total teeth in his mouth. Depending on your class, they should be able to count to 12 or higher.
3.   To create more space in T-Rex’s mouth, intermittently ask children to take 1, 2, or 3 teeth from his mouth (he does lose and break teeth frequently).  Again, count the total teeth after each subtraction. Continue until each child has had a chance to add or take teeth from Mr. T-Rex.


** Write each addition and/or subtraction sentence on chart paper as they add and take away teeth.

** Repeat the activity using a Stegosaurus without plates.

** Duplicate T-Rex’s empty mouth on drawing paper and have the children paste or draw a designated number of teeth in his mouth.

** For young children add 3 horns on a Triceratop.  ____________________________________________________________________________ Dinosaurs                                                                             Math   math02