LOCATION SHIRTS                                         8-K7

Preparation: (10 minutes)

You will need:      

* maps                      * globe                      * chart paper 
* markers                * colored tape

1.  Send a note home to the parents and ask them to help their children find a “location T-shirt” meaning a shirt that has information or advertisement of a place. The location can be anyplace; a local business, a beach resort, a college university, sports jersey’s, etc.
2.  Prepare the chart paper for a graph.  Make continent, country, state and/or community categories.

1.   As the children arrive, comment on their “location T-shirts”.
2.   During the morning activities, have each child share their shirts.  Ask questions such as where it comes from, who went to that location, what is at the location and what made them choose this shirt.
3.   Bring out the globe and maps.  Point out and mark each location using the colored tape and then plot on the graph you have prepared.
4.   Review the results.  Whose T-shirt came from the farthest away?  The closest?  Most unusual place?

**If someone forgets to bring in a shirt, look on the manufacturer’s tag and find where the shirt was assembled or made and use that for the location.

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