DAD'S DAY RELAY                          4-Q2

Preparation: (5 minutes)

You will need:          

* men's shoes              * necktie               * briefcase    
* tape, rope or chalk

1.  Send a note home requesting a few pairs of men’s shoes, neckties and old briefcases
2.  Mark a starting line and turn around line with tape, rope or chalk.

1.   Gather the children and hold up the men's shoes, ties and briefcases.  Ask if they know what they are used for and who might use them.  Explain that they are going participate in a relay using these items.
2.   Demonstrate how to slip the shoes and necktie on and carry the briefcase.  Tell them that they must walk carefully so as not to trip in these big shoes!  Give them each a few minutes practice before beginning.
3.   Tell the children that the object of this relay is to put on the shoes and necktie, take the briefcase, walk down to the turn-around line and back, take the shoes and tie off and pass them, plus the briefcase, to the next child in line.  The team to do this the most quickly becomes “Dynamic Dads!”.
4.   Divide the class into 2 or more teams (use as many shoe, briefcase and necktie sets as you have donated) and line them up to begin.  Start them with a, “Ready, Set, Go!” command.
5.  Let them try this relay 2 or more times if time allows.

** Because children may trip or fall while playing, keep on a well carpeted or grassy area. 

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