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Imagine having tools to support your assessment... 



Imagine no longer ~ “Setting the Stage for Learning” is here!

“There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have helped to energize
and empower teachers & directors!”

  • Supporting your assessment with outcome-based standards
  • Supporting your assessment with environmental design
  • Supporting your assessment with teacher’s role in the classroom
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This preschool curriculum resource system provides an excellent tool that supports your efforts in assessment.

Whether engaging in informal tools such as anecdotal records, observations, and portfolios, “Setting the Stage for Learning” provides the environment and format so that you have the opportunity to observe your children as they work and play. 

The divergent and convergent formats of the activities enable you to select work from the children that demonstrates their acquisition of skills and knowledge in literacy, math, science, social studies, motor, and the development of cognitive thinking.

The children are able to demonstrate their creativity
and ability at the same time!

    • This curriculum resource is also packed with activities that expose and develop the children's literacy skills for:
      • Oral expression
      • Vocabulary
      • Phonological Awareness
      • Letter knowledge and early word recognition
      • Print and book awareness
      • Written expression
    • This curriculum resource promotes math concepts such as:
      • Number sense
      • Computation and estimation
      • Measurement
      • Geometry
      • Statistics
      • Patterns, functions and algebra
    • Provides the exposure and foundation of skills so teachers are able to perform formal assessments such as PALs or Brigance.
    • With science and social studies activities for each theme, this curriculum resource provides opportunities for children to engage in the processes of:
      1. Predicting
      2. Observing
      3. Investigating
      4. Gathering data
      5. Drawing conclusions
      6. Social relationships
      7. School and Community awareness
      8. Constructing maps
      9. Transportation
      10. Cultural heritage

Now teachers have the tools through "Setting the Stage for Learning" to conduct both formal and informal authentic assessment. "We all have the duty to call attention to the science and seriousness of early childhood cognitive development - because the (years) between birth and five are the foundation upon which successful lives are built." (Laura Bush, 2001)

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Cards are coded with academic standards.

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Outcome-Based Standards added
to “Setting the Stage for Learning”

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