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“Connecting Teachers with Information and Ideas!”

I am energized about sharing information!


 Make your training workshops unforgettable!

 Out of the hundreds of people you could choose for your next training day, only
 one has the classroom experience, the energy and the passion for children that
 Marcy Hemminger has. Her mission and messages appeal to teachers and directors
 of all ages and experience.

     Imaging having fun while you learn! Call me today to make
     your training come alive and be an experience no one will
     forget!                                                               MORE INFO

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 Through her dynamic and energizing presentations Судак куда сходить, Marcy draws on her personal
 experiences and excellence to share practical, relevant and research-based information in a
 fun and uplifting manner.

 As an accomplished educator and gifted communicator, Marcy brings enormous innate
 enthusiasm, insight, and energy to her presentations. In the years that she has been a
 speaker and trainer, she has delivered powerful messages to thousands of people all over
 the country, from national and state conferences to local child care and preschool

 Marcy is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public
 seminars and events, and preschool & child care program trainings.

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Training solutions for you!

Find topics to meet your needs!

With so many choices - you’re GUARANTEED to find ones just right
for you

“Hey, Marcy, just wanted to thank you so very much for your recent workshop with us.  Every teacher felt that it was incredibly valuable and they have already started to use some of your ideas in the classroom. That's a sure sign that you were a  hit!  I find that it is very difficult to find valuable in-service for  pre-school teachers. Some of the workshops we have attended have been downright humiliating, presuming that we had no commonsense whatsover.  I also felt that  you accomplished another major goal - you treated our staff like professionals,  rather than like brainless women who play in the sandbox and only have to work 9-12 each day.”                                      Jean Beck

“I have taken several of Marcy’s classes. She is an unbelievable educator & motivator! She always has awesome ideas!!”
Teresa Kobayashi

Topics Areas:

Directors & Managers



Curriculum Content

Special Needs

Educational Trends &



Interested in training at
your school or center?
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More Terrific Testimonials:

  • “Marcy is a teacher who is rare to find: intelligent, knowledgeable, fun, energetic and so much in love with what she is doing!”
  • "After a long day at work and being very tired, Marcy was able to keep my attention. Great Sense of Humor!"
  • “Marcy is great. I could listen to her for hours! She made all the topics interesting and fun. Lots of great ideas.”
  • “She had so many wonderful ideas - I am still absorbing them!  Wonderful presenter!”
  • “Marcy is wonderful! I enjoy listening to the wealth of knowledge she has to share.”

Marcy is a PQAS (Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System) certified trainer! This means I have shown the state of Pennsylvania that I have the experience, knowledge and skill to train others effectively. 

My PQAS number is CI-0086000.


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