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I am proud to introduce Primarily-Kids, LLC!


“My mission is to help my peer professionals with
information and ideas!”

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Children have an amazing capacity to learn, especially during the preschool years. As teachers of these young minds, we have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to guide them to develop their natural sense of curiosity and learning. We have the power to set these children on the path to learning that will influence the rest of their lives!

Through Primarily-Kids, I have designed the "Setting the Stage for Learning" preschool and kindergarten curriculum resource system with that opportunity and responsibility in mind. As teachers acting as facilitators, this curriculum demonstrates how to create a classroom environment enriched with pictures and objects that promote that desire to learn. Creating a new "world of discovery" for children to step into each time a thematic unit is introduced. By making simple changes in the way your classroom looks, feels and is interacted with, you can entice your students to learn about dinosaurs, nursery rhymes, the farm, outer space and more, even as they play with blocks, in the kitchen, or at designated centers.

As a veteran teacher of over 30 years, I have been involved with preschool aged children for most of my life. Certified in Special Education and Early Childhood Education and a Masters in Reading and Literacy, I have worked with both special needs and general education students. I have owned and operated a preschool, directed a large childcare center, and started a non-profit organization that has developed an educational resource and referral center to meet the needs of local child care providers.

I am committed to improving the quality of instruction for young children. I live in Waterford, Virginia with my husband and three daughters and run my Primarily-Kids business of curriculum development and teacher training out of my home.

Contact me @ 540-882-3395 or 703-727-7306
to find out more about this preschool curriculum resource system

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