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“Connecting Teachers with Information and Ideas!”

I understand your unique challenges...


“My mission is to help my peer professionals with
information and ideas!”

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With over 30 years in the classroom, I KNOW your challenges for:

All these ideas for just one theme!05 Just keep adding lesson choices until your week is complete!03 Assessment solutions for you!10
Comprehensive curriculum solutions!05 Holiday ideas for you developing math skills02

Designed with your needs in mind!

    I’ve designed this красивые места в Волгограде preschool curriculum resource system for you!  I’ve put my experience and solutions to planning challenges into this curriculum to create the BEST VALUE and most practical planning system to help my peers.

    My hand-crafted treasure box is filled with tried and true preschool and kindergarten activities and songs that kids love because they stretch their imaginations and empower their choices.

    Planning and preparation take precious time away from what we really want to do –  work and interact with the children! 

    This preschool curriculum resource system lets you get back to the important part of your program - having fun with your children!

 A perfect compliment to the “Creative Curriculum”
and the Constructionists’ approach!
In line with Head Start’s Domain Elements! and
naeyc’s accreditation standards

Six reasons why YOU need this
curriculum planning system!

  1. Saving Time:  Quick and easy preschool planning system with everything at your fingertips makes planning and preparing your lessons a snap! In about 30 minutes a week, you can pull together a quality program that will please your director and the parents and yet be fun for the children!
  2. Assessment Support: Each card has outcome-based standards to help you with planning, assessing and documenting your lessons!

I’ve done the work, YOU enjoy the results!

Reducing Stress:What to teach?  With over 1300 activity cards, you just pick and choose from the wide array of activities what’s right for you.

  1. A Substitute’s Dream! With everything organized in a planning folder you can relax knowing that they can step in and run the day!
  2. Satisfying Families:Parents and children will love the “world of discovery” I show you create how to create in your classroom!
  3. Providing Support: Your purchase entitles you to 6 months of  FREE consultative services by phone or e-mail to assist you in setting your stage for learning! No more anxiousness - I am here to support you!

So if you work with children aged 3 to 6 years old -
this is the right choice for you!

Call 540-882-3395 or 703-727-7306 to order today!


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