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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. With assessment as a required part of our что посмотреть в Бахчисарае licensing standards, how does "Setting the Stage for Learning" help me meet these requirements?
    • This early childhood curriculum compliments your assessments, with informal tools such as anecdotal records, observations, and portfolios. "Setting the Stage for Learning" encourages teachers to move from teacher-directed to child-initiated. Now the teacher is able to sit back, watch and interact with the children's learning. "Setting the Stage for Learning" offers ideas for creating self-directed learning centers filled with authentic materials that emphasize concrete experiential learning. This makes observational records and anecdotal records easier to perform and collect as well as providing unique work samples for portfolio collections.
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  2. What research is imbedded in the "Setting the Stage for Learning" preschool curriculum resource system?
    • "Setting the Stage" has been designed to incorporate the following principles and research:
      1. Employs an emergent-style curriculum approach. 
      2. Utilizes Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences.
      3. Adheres to NAEYC accreditation requirements.
      4. Follows Bloom’s Taxonomy of thinking skills.
      5. Applies “hand-on” lessons.
      6. Supports the constructivist teaching strategy
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  3. How much preparation time is needed ? 
    • Each activity card in "Setting the Stage for Learning" lists the approximate preparation time needed. In using this preschool curriculum resource system, the projects are designed for direct interaction between the materials and the children. Whether it is a cooking project, craft or science activity or even working with letters and  numbers, the focus is to build upon what the children know or know how to do. Many activities only require the collection of a few objects and the use of a nearby bulletin, chalk or wipe-off board. For arts and crafts, the use of paint pads, stencils and raw materials are encouraged so that preparation time is reduced and children's creativity increased. The philosophy of "Setting the Stage" is that the teachers are to set the learning environment and the children are to explore and experiment with the materials.

4.   How does this work if I am using the “The Creative Curriculum”?

  • I have spoken with so many teachers and directors that are are working in centers that have adopted the use of the “ The Creative Curriculum” and hear their frustration with the day-to-day planning.  For many, they understand the philosophy and components of the “The Creative Curriculum” but need more specific ideas to implement it effectively. My curriculum provides that wonderful support ! I personally believe in the work that Diane Trister Dodge and Laura J. Colker have done, they are pioneers in their field, and have centered my curriculum resource around their format. My curriculum resource system shows you how to infuse interesting objects in each of the learning center areas as well as offering open-ended activities to support independent and small group play
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5  What makes it unique over other month-by-month programs ?

  • The month-by-month programs are not able to address specific needs and interests of students. Although we early childhood teachers are looking for resources and help with planning, we do like being in the “driver’s seat” and in charge of what we teach and when we teach it so we can meet those specific needs.  If you do not like the ideas or activities, you are stuck! Nothing is more frustrating than to have a curriculum or curriculum resource in which only half of the ideas that are practical or appropriate and you must spend time re-planning and filling all the gaps. When there is not a match of interests, not only do you have bored teachers, you have bored students! Addressing these issues became a motivation for developing the format for the"Setting the Stage for Learning" curriculum resource system.

6. What materials do I need to keep on hand for activities ?

  • "Setting the Stage for Learning" suggests using materials most preschools and centers have handy. For setting up each thematic unit, ideas are presented for ways in which to use local resources such as the library, high schools and college professionals, local businesses, etc. for free materials and information. I provide inexpensive solutions because I understand that funds for crafts and materials can be limited.

7. How long
do I spend on each theme ?

  •  There are enough preschool and kindergarten activities for the teachers to  plan at least 3 to 4 weeks on each thematic unit. Longer, depending on the number of times the children meet each week, whether you are planning for a full or half day, or if the interest of the children warrants more time. I know we rush through our themes in the fear our children will be “bored”. Research and experience show us that children benefit and need repetition. Children love repetition for it builds confidence in their performance and participation. They enjoy an activity better the second time! This preschool curriculum resource is designed to meet your planning needs and the children's interest in learning, so there are no set rules. Exploration by children can take time, so please don't rush from theme to theme just to cover them all.

8. How does this curriculum help in my planning ?

  • "Setting the Stage for Learning" strives to make the planning process easy as it is one of the most important parts to creating a quality early childhood educational program and designing your classroom. This curriculum resource system has been developed to assist with planning and organization, and to provide a plan that staff, substitutes and volunteers can read and implement.
    See how easy planning can be for you!

9. What are other benefits in using the “Setting the Stage for Learning” preschool curriculum resource

  • See the benefits this system offers you!

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