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“There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have helped to energize and empower teachers & directors!”

Feel my experience ~ over 30 years wearing teacher & director hats
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Training Testimonial

“I have been talking to my teachers about assessment for months and I know that sometimes they need to hear it from someone else, but you gave the information in such a way that it really made sense to them.  Thank you!  I think that they now have the understanding along with your tools to make it easy to incorporate into their daily plans.  Thanks so much for making assessment interesting!”          Sophia Chalmers M.Ed.

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    Ugh!, Assessment: How to make it work for you
    Learn a variety of formal and informal assessment strategies that help you evaluate evidence of early learning in your students and the effectiveness of your program.

    The Assessment Pathway: Using assessment to guide your program
    Move from the “what it is” to the “how to” phase.  This workshop shows you how to interpret and implement assessment data effectively so that you can easily mold and guide your lessons and activities, PLUS ways to create assessment tools t meet your specific needs.

    “Say Cheese!” Using photographs to document, teach and assess in the classroom
    Children love to look at pictures of themselves.  Learn how to capitalize on this thrill and turn it into productive ways for teaching and assessing the students in your class. The focus is on cognitive, social and behavioral skills.

    Building Powerful Portfolios
    Assessing our children is becoming a necessary part of our early childhood programs.  Learn practical and easy ways to develop a comprehensive assessment picture of every child through the collection of student work that exhibits progress, efforts and achievements throughout the school year.

    “So What Was That Story About?” Assessing and Teaching Reading Comprehension
    Duke and Pearson (2002) say that “Comprehension instruction is best when it focuses on a few well-taught, well-learned strategies.”  This workshop does just that!  You will discover a variety of ways to build comprehension through storytelling, predicting, drama and retelling skills.

    Kindergarten readiness: Are you preparing your preschoolers?
    The pressure of SOL’s is creeping down to our early childhood programs and everyone is getting nervous: parents and teachers alike. Come and learn what children entering kindergarten really should be able to do and strategies to ensure your children are prepared!



Terrific Testimonials:

“I couldn’t wait to get back into the classroom to use all of the suggestions she gave me!”

"After a long day at work and being very tired, Marcy was able to keep my attention. 
Great Sense of Humor!"

“Marcy is great. I could listen to her for hours! She made all the topics interesting and fun. Lots of great ideas.”

“She had so many wonderful ideas - I am still absorbing them!  Wonderful presenter!”

“Marcy is wonderful! I enjoy listening to the wealth of knowledge she has to share.”

Let me energize your teachers
about assessment!



Have fun being inspired with Marcy’s certified training

PQAS number: CI-0086000

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