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“There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have helped to energize and empower teachers & directors!”

Feel my experience ~ over 30 years wearing teacher & director hats
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Terrific Testimonials

Great training.  I feel equipped to do or be the best teacher I can be.Vivian

“Funny, interesting, life experiences, information from wonderful Marcy.” Lucie

“Trainer was excellent, clear, easy to understand. She knows her subject and offers great training!”  Marie

“She keeps it real and tells the truth.  Very honest and forthcoming - best I’ve ever heard on behavior and I’ve heard lots!” Rhonda

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    “Will you stop that?!”: Behavior Strategies that work!
    Dealing with behavior can be the most challenging part of our jobs.  Children with demanding behaviors can not only create stress in you, but also can create stress and fear in other children. Come away with a better understanding of why children “misbehave” and practice implementing proven ways to turn that behavior into positive actions with others.

    Behavior Strategies - Part 2: Let’s get down to business!
    You’ve had the basics on behavior, now it’s time to dig deeper into the specific techniques that work for each behavioral style.  This workshop goes step-by-step through each phase in creating an effective plan. You will come away feeling equipped to handle any difficult behavior!

    Behavior Strategies That Work for School-Agers!
    If you work with the school-aged kids, you need this workshop! Commonsense strategies for you to use in guiding those from Kindergarten through Middle School.  From what drives the difficult behaviors to how to change them so that your job gets back to having fun interacting with these neat kids!

    Dealing with Oppositional Defiance!
    This newer label leaves many teachers scratching their heads.What is it? What does it look like?  What do I do about changing this? All these questions are addressed in this workshop. Come away with a better understanding and practice implementing proven ways to turn that behavior into positive actions with others.

    Appropriate Discipline Practices
    No matter how much experience you have in dealing with children, we often question our tactics and strategies when it comes to discipline. Come and find out discipline practices that are not only easy to do, but work! You will come away feeling ready to challenge any behavior problem.

    Guiding Children’s Behavior
    Managing behavior can be a full time job when working in the early childhood environment!  This workshop will help you to identify the things that impact children’s behavior and then discuss and plan both preventative and intervention strategies.  You’ll walk away with practical and effective strategies that will transform the way you look at behavior!

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Have fun being inspired with Marcy’s certified training

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Take advantage of my years of experience in dealing with children of all ages. Whether you
want training for your teachers or to offer your parents, you will love the practical and
user-friendly ideas presented - strategies that work!

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