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A simple solution...
For your entire program!

10 Reasons to own
“Setting the Stage for Learning”

You’ll have:

  1. Happy children – love this open-ended framework where they have a real chance to be creative, explore, investigate and interact in this world of discovery.
  2. Happy parents – love the excitement they witness in their children and the challenging activities that stir imaginations and develop thinking skills.
  3. Happy teachers – love this timesaving system providing practical tools and suggestions and yet is so flexible – it keeps them in charge!
  4. Happy directors – with happy parents and staff, you’ll love how much easier your life is! Especially since you’ll have tools supporting NAEYC accreditation. This curriculum resource system reduces the time spent training teachers and increases your productivity - allowing you time to focus on the important parts of your job.
  5. Happy substitutes – love this curriculum system that lets them walk into the room prepared and ready to go. No more stressful “missing lesson plans” to deal with!
  6. Money in the bank – on what you’ll save compared with other curriculum resources. The mix and match features allow everyone to use this over and over again meeting everyone’s needs!
  7. Referrals for your school or center – with happy children, parents and teachers the word will spread about your outstanding program. Parents will clamor to have their children be a part of this new excitement. Quality employees will come to work for you!
  8. Educationally sound program – with new licensing standards, you’ll love being ahead of the curve with this curriculum system - offering experiences for developing literacy, math, science, and social studies skills.
  9. 6 months FREE consultation support – To help you succeed with creating your own stage for learning. I am a phone call or e-mail away offering suggestions and answers to your important questions.
  10. Everything you need to run a developmentally appropriate, educationally sound, FUN program!

Order my hand-crafted treasure box filled with tried and true activities and songs that children love!

It’s a smart decision for you!
You won’t believe how it simplifies and enhances your life!

Order today or
Call me @ 540-882-3395 / 703-727-7306 
providing these benefits for you!

It will arrive at your center/school within
7 to 10 business days

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