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They then often jump to the conclusion that we are not competent or are disorganized, even flighty. It is in our best interest to keep this in mind and let the parents know as much as we can when we know it or when it is in an organized enough format to share it.

 The communication plan that is included within this book will assist you both at the beginning and throughout the year in establishing this level of informed communication that lets the parents witness your competence and organization.

  1.  Finally, when we utilize assured communication we are letting the parents know that we are confident and professional.  What is assured communication? It is communicating in a way that says "I’m qualified" and helps us overcome the powerless feeling we may have in day-to-day dealings with people.  It also helps us avoid being frustrated with not being taken seriously.  “Easier said than done” you say, but it is really more of an ability to “act as if”.  Many psychologists recommend this strategy for trying any new form of communication or task.  You begin by first acting as if you can already do what you want to do and, before you know it, you really are!  It is a game of pretend.  Here are some winning strategy examples:

 A Even if we are dreading an upcoming conference – pretend or act as if we are looking forward to it.  “Mrs. Jones, how wonderful that we are going to get together to talk about Iesha’s progress in school!”

B. Even if we are not sure of how we are going to organize our spring show – pretend or act as if we have a solid plan in mind. “I know that you are concerned Mrs. Thomas about all of the details for our upcoming show, but don’t you worry, I’ve got it all organized and am putting together a packet of information that will give you all of the details.  You’ll have your own copy by the end of the week!  If you still have questions after that, feel free to call me.”

C.   Even if we are upset because a parent has embarrassed us in front of our peers – pretend or act as if we are thankful for the opportunity to address an important issue.  “Thank you for bringing that to my attention Mr. Albert, I see you are very concerned about this.  Let’s go back to my room where we can discuss this further and we won’t be interrupted or distracted by all of the noise out here.”


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