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The Creative Curriculum...



Imagine no longer ~ “Setting the Stage for Learning” is here!

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  • Supports The Creative Curriculum’s room design and interest centers
  • Supports The Creative Curriculum’s philosophy of the teacher’s role
  • Supports The Creative Curriculum’s questioning and open-ended activities
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Bridging the gap between theory and reality

Many child care programs are using the “The Creative Curriculum”
as the framework for their approach to teaching and working with children. That is fantastic news to me, for I believe firmly in the philosophy and methods put forth in this curriculum.

Unfortunately, for many teachers, the “ The Creative Curriculum” is just that, a framework, and is too broad to help them implement this approach effectively. They experience frustration over trying to find ideas that compliment this framework and yet provide enough “meat” to get through each day effectively with their class of vivacious and busy children!  These teachers are asking for concrete examples of ways to implement this philosophy effectively!

I provide information that creates that “bridge” from
philosophy to reality!


  1. I offer specific ideas and material suggestions to infuse each of your interest areas with objects, pictures and information for the children to interact with and explore independently. Now they are actively learning from their environment wherever they play bringing the theme and concepts alive!
  2. The “mix and match” format of my activity cards allows you to address the children’s interests and needs. As the children express a fascination with topics and ideas, you just pull the activity cards that address those interests! Now you are not only acknowledging your class’s interests, but in a way that is so fast and easy that you can quickly get back to what you love doing - working with children!
  3. The “The Creative Curriculum” encourages the use of observations, checklists and portfolios for ongoing assessment. I support these methods by:
    • Encouraging you as the teacher to take the role of the director and/or stage manager of a play.  One that plays
      an important role in preparing the performance, but once the show begins, steps back to let the actors and actresses do the rest.  Teachers using the “Setting the Stage for Learning” curriculum are invited to prepare the “stage” or classroom, but then step back to observe and interact with the children: becoming facilitators of learning. This format allows you the time you need to do observations and checklists effectively!
    • Many activities are open-ended and process-oriented which are perfect for assessing the children’s actual skills and knowledge!  Now you have a true picture of what each child can, and cannot, demonstrate in each skill area.
    • The “Setting the Stage for Learning” curriculum resource system is filled with activity cards that infuse the necessary cognitive concepts in math, literacy, science and social studies. Samples of completed work products, along with the use of photographs and tape recordings, allow you to create a comprehensive portfolio for each child that demonstrates socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development.

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that support your use of “The Creative Curriculum”!

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