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Training Testimonial

“I came in knowing very little about math. I left the training an “expert”
knowing 5 times more than I ever did before!”

Very upbeat and actively kept me listening.”

“You are a very engaging speaker and must be a wonderful teacher!”

“Inspiring… to the point; great ideas for relationship building.”

“Very informative and easy to understand.”

“It was an amazing presentation. It really helped me do my job better.”

“Very informative.  Good customer service reinforcement.”

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Empowering topics for you

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Learning that's fun!
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    Frogs, Flowers and Fossils - Science exploration made easy!
    Learn practical, inexpensive and exciting ways to incorporate science into your weekly plans, making your students scientists who love to investigate. I’ll show you how to infuse science into your learning centers, outdoor play, small and large group sessions, and through play.

    Cooking in the Classroom: Math...Science...Fun, all rolled into one!
    Discover the benefits cooking offers and why it should be an integral part of the preschool and kindergarten curricula.  Learn how to make it part of yours!

    Mathematics for Young Learners: It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!
    Everyone includes counting, calendars and colors.  Learn how you can bring true mathematical concepts to your young learners including problem-solving strategies, number sense, computation and estimation, measurement, geometry, statistics, and patterns.  You’ll love the take-home projects!

    “Ally, Ally, In Free!” Using games to promote learning
    Games were a big part of our growing up, but are becoming extinct today. With over-programmed schedules and parent fears of outdoor play, our children are being robbed of the wonderful learning opportunities playing games provides. See how you can bring these games back into their lives and FUN for everyone!

    “Here’s to your health!” Having fun with nutrition and fitness
    Do your kids think that a healthy snack is a chocolate bar or exercise is walking to the drinking fountain? Let’s change the lifestyles of our children! We’ll explore the importance of physical activity and good nutrition and start them on the road to healthy habits!

    It’s A Small World After All! Integrating social sciences into your curriculum!
    Bring your children into the community and the community to your children. This workshop shows you how to tap into the children’s natural curiosity about their families, neighborhoods and communities to help them to discover their world.

    Science and Social Studies for Preschoolers?!
    Many teachers and directors question the developmentally appropriateness of teaching science and social studies to children under 6.  This workshop shows you how to bring these educationally rich subject areas into your program and keep the integrity of a DAP program!

    Once Upon A Time: Using read-aloud stories to build literacy
    Children love to look and listen to read-aloud picture books.  See how to use that love and interest to build literacy skills with your children.  Learn to incorporate skills for oral expression, vocabulary development, phonological awareness, letter knowledge and early word recognition, print and book awareness and even written expression just through reading and talking about books!

    The Perfect Segue: Fantastic and fun transition activities for you!
    What do you do to keep the children from running wild as you transition from one activity to another? This workshop is filled with tantalizing songs, games and activities that provide the “glue” that holds your class together!

    Kindergarten readiness: Are you preparing your preschoolers?
    The pressure of SOL’s is creeping down to our early childhood programs and everyone is getting nervous: parents and teachers alike. Come and learn what children entering kindergarten really should be able to do and strategies to ensure your children are prepared!

    Tapping into Toddlers: Intertwining fun and learning effectively
    Creating fun and educational lessons and learning centers can be challenging for those working with two’s.  These young learners are filled with curiosity and yet need safe and structured environments. Learn effective and practical ways to combine it all. You will be amazed at the results!

    The Outdoor Classroom: Taking fun and learning to a new dimension
    Our children love going outside and we know that it is a great place for children to develop gross motor, interaction and problem-solving skills. Discover how you can bring your classroom outdoors to enrich and enhance your interior classroom learning!  You will learn practical and easy ways to make your “recess” time much more valuable and one that addresses the multiple learning styles of your children!

    The Complete Classroom:
    What should every classroom include in both setting and curriculum?  Find out the key components that make learning fun and educationally sound for children aged 2 to 6 years of age.  This workshop will reinforce the many things you are doing well and yet add a few new strategies and activities to enhance your learning program.

    “What a Pretty Picture!” Building basic skills through art and language
    Help children to bring out literacy, math, thinking skills & more through drawing!  Children create symbols as they strive to capture events and make meaning of their lives.  This workshop shows you how to capitalize on the process of children illustrating stories & poems and develop ways to express themselves and learn through art.

    Promoting Meaningful Learning: Creating environments that embed real-life learning
    The pressure is on us to promote academics and yet our intuition suggests that we still let our children play.  This workshop shows you how to balance those needs to teach life-long learning situations that develop persistence, problem-solving, inquiry and thinking skills and yet feel like they are just having fun.

    Cabin Fever Cures: Exciting activities for children of all ages!
    With winter weather or hot temperatures, it can be challenging in finding ways to keep our children active and busy with the extra indoor time. This workshop is filled with ideas to keep your children moving and grooving all day long!

    Developing Thinking Skills
    Believe it or not, we CAN teach children to think! NAEYC encourages teachers to engage in activities that build thinking skills - what are they and how do you do it?  This workshop gives you the answers you need and lots of activity suggestions so that you can create problem-solving students!

    Building Creativity in Your Children
    Children are born with the natural desire to explore and create, but time and activities tend to stifle these tendencies. You will discover easy ways to turn your daily lessons and activities into ones that teach and build creativity - and even rekindle your own!

    A B or not a B – that is the question!
    Are you struggling in teaching pre-reading skills? This workshop will show you how to use your read-aloud stories, dramatic play, songs and more to help you each and every day. From phonemic awareness to checking comprehension, I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate reading readiness skills in every lesson.

    Enhancing Circle Time – go from blah to bravo!
    Are your children rolling around on the floor during your circle time? It’s a sign that what we are doing is not engaging and interesting for your audience – your class! Gail Godwin says, “Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.” This workshop will show you how to bring the excitement and drama back into your circle time.


Have fun being inspired with Marcy’s certified training

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If you are seeking information and strategies to enhance your curriculum area teaching,
you have come to the right spot!
These workshops are designed to bring you the latest in research along with fun &
practical ways to teach required content subjects!

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