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 Your needs are so different from those of your teachers...

 I understand those management challenges. With 12 years experience as a director, I feel your pride, but also your frustration and engulfing responsibilities. I empower you with information and insight!

     You too can have fun while you learn! Call me today to
     make your training come alive and be an experience no one
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Training Testimonial

I wanted to thank you so much for the training you provided to our staff last week.  I continue to hear great things about it and you have no idea what a difference it made to the climate of our center.  We have some teachers who have been having some interpersonal relations problems that we just have not been able to solve.  Well the day after your training they are speaking again and working things out. I am so impressed and Donna and I can't thank you enough for it!”         
L'Ornya Bowie M.Ed.


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Empowering topics for you

Time Management Skills: Effective strategies that make your life more productive!

Feeling rushed and overwhelmed by all you have to do?  This workshop will help you to discover not only what interferes with good time management, but how to harness time and efficiency to make you more productive. You’ll have the tools to address and complete things that are important to you, your family and your job!

Employee Excellence: Rewarding and retaining quality staff!
Employee retention is one of the primary measures of the health of your program.  Find ways to create an environment of satisfied, motivated and valued employees! This workshop demonstrates techniques towards employee empowerment, team building and rewards.

Effective Evaluations: Bringing out the best in your staff!
Completing accurate evaluations for employees can be stressful and unpleasant.  Learn how to turn this from chore to tool so that your evaluations work for you and not against you!  You’ll practice new techniques that will make your evaluation process productive and rewarding.

Dealing Effectively with Staff: Building positive bonds between employees and the workplace
“One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch girl” are lyrics from a Michael Jackson song that can describe what happens when just one negative employee is in your midst.  We’ll discuss ways to effectively deal with a “problem” employee and how to get everyone on the same page for center policies and procedures.

Dealing Effectively with Peers and Patrons: Building positive bonds at the workplace
In early childhood education, we face a unique dilemma of pleasing both our families and our children.  At times, those objectives seem to be at odds with each other.  Learn ways to build these bonds between our co-workers and our parents all the while doing what you know is best for the children!

Motivating Your Staff: Small investments equal large rewards!
Issues of compensation, professional development and working conditions for staff are critical components of the struggle to keep staff and increase quality in early childhood programs.  So, how do we motivate our staff to work hard and stay with us?  Come find the answer to these questions in practical and affordable ways!

Top 10 Employee Training Tips: Make your training and re-training techniques more effective!
Well-trained employees are the key to your small business success. Studies have shown that the most successful, productive employees are those who have received extensive training.  You’ll learn tips and techniques to arm your employees with needed professional or technical skills to keep them motivated and involved.

Building Management Skills: Become a candidate for “manager of the year”!
When professionals are given leadership responsibility, their success depends on how quickly they learn people-oriented management skills to complement their expert knowledge. In this workshop, you’ll gain knowledge of the key aspects of management: leadership, delegation, motivation and communication and practical techniques for getting the best from people.

Empowering your Life: Discover secrets to enhance and control your life!
Negative thoughts, relationships and actions can prevent you from reaching your potential! This workshop puts you back in the drivers seat and focuses on the “Act as if…” principle – believe it and you CAN make it so!

Delegation: Increasing performance for everyone!
Many of us have difficulty in delegating responsibility effectively. Learn strategies that improve your ability to delegate and key components that work both for you and the employees that you delegate to!  This workshop makes delegation and win-win for everyone!

DAP: What should our children be learning?
In today’s world of accountability and licensing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many to keep focused on what our young children really need to learn effectively.  This workshop hones in on developmentally appropriate skill sets, implementation strategies and the research behind  both to clarify it all for you!

She Said What?! Building positive peer relationships in the workplace
Do you wonder why some teachers are so difficult to get along with and how to work compatibly?  Though you may not be able to change them, you can discover what you can do to build great relationships with even the most difficult people!  These strategies will help you not only at work, but with all of your relationships.

“Hey, What About Me? How to keep motivated and loving my job!”
Directors today have the ultimate challenge - hiring qualified teachers, keeping up with licensing and accreditation requirements and solving issues between employees! It can sometimes make anyone feel frustrated and burned out.  This workshop is for you! Tips and strategies to help you stay excited about serving in such worthy and needed profession! 

Breathe In - Breathe Out: Stress relieving tips for you!
Is your job stressful?!  Of course it is!  In fact research shows that educators have one of the most stressful of all jobs.  Find ways to manage your stress so that you keep fresh and ready for everything your day demands of you!

Team Building: Building positive relationships in the workplace
Are you feeling like your staff are at odds with each other? Are some teachers pulling the weight for everyone? This workshop helps your staff to recognize the value they have in your program and effective methods for working together!

Dealing with Difficult and Time Consuming Parents
We love the parents or our program and we need their support, but what do you do when parents challenge us with difficult personalities?  This workshop will discuss strategies that give us a peek as to why they act this way and not only how to handle them, but strategies that will assist you with all of your parent relationships!

Marketing Your Center
With today’s competitive and depressed economy, keeping a full enrollment is a necessity and a challenge! Find out ways to boost your enrollment with suggestions in working with and guiding prospective parents, providing effective and memorable school tours and learn how to coordinate special events that will make families clamor to come to your program!

“You’re Hired!” Qualities to look for when hiring new teachers and assistants
Hiring the right people can make all the difference! So what are the characteristics of a good employee? What are the red flags or warning signs? This workshop will offer you this information as well as questions you can ask that will reveal these answers!

Dealing with Difficult and Time Consuming Parents
We love the parents or our program and we need their support, but what do you do when parents challenge us with difficult personalities? This workshop will discuss strategies that give us a peek as to why they act this way and not only how to handle t

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace: Finding solutions that keep peace!
Nothing can pull down moral more than quarrels and conflict. Learn ways to deal with conflict once it arises and ways to be proactive to prevent the conflict in the first place! You will come away feeling confident that you can manage quibbling at work.

Effective Communication with ESL Families
It can be difficult to communicate with someone that speaks a different language than you. From mixed messages to misunderstandings, we can unintentionally create hurt feelings or even send insults. Learn strategies that are effective for strong communication between all individuals, but particularly with those from other countries.

Welcome to Our School!
Get started with your best foot forward! With both new employees and families, it helps to provide important information and practices right from the beginning.  Learn the best orientation strategies for employees, children and families.

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Have fun being inspired with Marcy’s certified training

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