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“There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have helped to energize and empower teachers & directors!”

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Terrific Testimonials

“The information is presented in a realistic manner with lots of interesting real life examples!” Gail

“Marcy has a wealth of knowledge in regards to dealing with children with a very practical approach!” Carla

“Mrs. Hemminger is very energetic & knowledgeable about the subjects she teaches on! I love how she relates everything to the children”  Nilhida

“Excellent content & presentation! A+” Amanda

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    The Power of Choice: How to empower your children
    Help the children become invested in their learning to transform them from passive to ACTIVE learners. Your class will become an exciting place to play and work

    Setting the Stage for Learning: Creating a “World of Discovery” in your classroom
    Find out what you can do to create creative and fun interest centers in your classroom using a thematic approach. From room decorations to exploration centers, discover why and how to get the most of your themes.

    Open-ended Crafts and Materials: Developing children’s creativity
    What are they and how do they work? See how to make simple changes in your methods to reveal what your children really know and how to cultivate creativity.

    Developing Persistent Learners: Teaching them how to keep at it
    Many children try to do a task and then scream in frustration if it doesn’t go “just right” immediately.  Uncover the secrets of teaching children how to keep working and develop multiple strategies for problem solving.

    Jigsaw Learning: Completing the “puzzle” to develop higher thinking skills
    This fascinating strategy pulls together the best of independent and cooperative learning!  Your children can become “experts” that then share their discoveries. See how this format incorporates multiple learning styles, science inquiry skills and more to explore new information.

    Creating Theme Units your Children will Love!
    Wondering how to make the most of your themes?  This workshop will show you how to create theme immersion in your classroom and offer loads of ideas to bring your themes into small and large group lessons as well as independent learning situations both inside and out!  You’ll be amazed at just how easy this is to do!

    Emergent Curriculum: Who’s planning your program?
    Many teachers believe that emergent curriculum leaves the topics and ideas for learning up to the children.  This philosophy makes us nervous and wondering who really is in charge!  I will show you key components of emergent curriculum & how to balance the children’s interests with your quality planning to satisfy everyone!

    Promoting Meaningful Learning: Creating environments that embed real-life learning
    The pressure is on us to promote academics and yet our intuition suggests that we still let our children play.  This workshop shows you how to balance those needs to teach life-long learning situations that develop persistence, problem-solving, inquiry and thinking skills and yet feel like they are just having fun.

    Developmentally Appropriate Practices – what is it really?
    We’ve all heard about it, know that it is relevant to our teaching and know that we are to focus on these practices in our daily teaching, but what is it really and how to we make sure that everything we teach falls within DAP?  Find out the research that has influenced DAP and how to infuse your lessons and practices with DAP!

    A Belly Full of Laughs! Bringing humor and laughter into your classroom & daily life!
    Learn the benefits of using laughter and humor with your children.  Humor can be used to teach coping and relationship skills.  This workshop sends the message that each of us is capable of achieving great things, especially if we have fun doing it! You will be amazed at the positive influences they have on you and the joy humor brings to your students!

    Multiple Intelligences: Putting it to use in your classroom
    Howard Gardner’s research demonstrates that children can be “smart” in many different ways.  Come and explore these ways and see how you can tap into those different intelligences and make learning fun for everyone!

    Building character in children
    Citizenship, honesty, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and self-control – we want to instill all of these in our children. This workshop will show you how to weave these characters into your everyday lessons so that everyone wins!

    Learning Styles: What is yours and how can you use it to enhance your teaching?
    Have you discovered your preferred learning style?  This workshop is fun and informative as we learn about our own learning strengths and challenges, what it means about us and how we teach, and how to channel those into positive teaching strategies for our students!

    Developing Thinking Skills
    Believe it or not, we CAN teach children to think! NAEYC encourages teachers to engage in activities that build thinking skills - what are they and how do you do it?  This workshop gives you the answers you need and lots of activity suggestions so that you can create problem-solving students!

    Building Creativity in Your Children
    Children are born with the natural desire to explore and create, but time and activities tend to stifle these tendencies. You will discover easy ways to turn your daily lessons and activities into ones that teach and build creativity - and even rekindle your own!

    Enhancing Circle Time – go from blah to bravo!
    Are your children rolling around on the floor during your circle time? It’s a sign that what we are doing is not engaging and interesting for your audience – your class! Gail Godwin says, “Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.” This workshop will show you how to bring the excitement and drama back into your circle time.

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Have fun being inspired with Marcy’s certified training

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