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“Connecting Teachers with Information and Ideas!”

I am energized about sharing information!


“There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have helped to energize and empower teachers & directors!”

Feel my experience ~ over 30 years wearing teacher & director hats
Feel my enthusiasm ~ sharing information and ideas
Feel my energy ~ I love bringing you the information you need!

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Training Testimonial

“She was right on the money.  She really knows about all types of parents”

“Marcy is a great presenter and I learned a lot of new strategies in working with parents”

“Even after a long morning and lunch, Marcy kept us interested and laughing!”

“Informative and enjoyable.  The information presented made sense.”

“The information given was important and given in such a fun way that it made it easier to absorb!”

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Getting Parents on your side: Strategies for improving relationships
Nothing can undermine your program more than difficult parents. Discover how to change them into partners and advocates for your program.

“Dear Parents…” Communicating effectively before, during & after   conferences
Conferencing with parents can be the most difficult and challenging part of our jobs.  Discover strategies and proven methods to make both you and your parents enjoy meeting together to form a trusting and productive alliance in education!

Nanny 911: How to work with and train parents on discipline and boundary concepts
Are you frustrated with the lack of parenting skills you witness?  Discover the secrets to “gently” guide your parents towards effective and successful strategies for setting limits and choosing effective positive and negative consequences.

Bonjour, Ciao and Shalom! Involving culturally diverse parents in your program
Involving culturally diverse parents in the educational setting can enhance the academic performance of young children.  Learn how to overcome barriers and open your doors to the endless possibilities of cultural diversity!

Effective Communication with ESL Families
It can be difficult to communicate with someone that speaks a different language than you. From mixed messages to misunderstandings, we can unintentionally create hurt feelings or even send insults. Learn strategies that are effective for strong communication between all individuals, but particularly with those from other countries.

Welcome to Our School!
Get started with your best foot forward! With both new employees and families, it helps to provide important information and practices right from the beginning. Learn the best orientation strategies for employees, children and families.


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Have fun being inspired with Marcy’s certified training

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Teachers and directors can find it challenging dealing with parents. Let my practical
(and funny) workshops help to enlighten everyone on strategies and techniques
that form lasting bonds with our families!

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