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  • Imbedded with best educational practices
  • Imbedded with developmentally appropriate practices
  • Imbedded with multiple learning style strategies
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The Principles and Theories that Guide
“Setting the Stage for Learning”:

My preschool curriculum resource system,"Setting the Stage for Learning", has been designed to incorporate these following principles:

  • Includes activities that are easy to access and use.  No more searching through books trying to find that craft idea or science experiment. This curriculum system has been designed to put everything at your fingertips to make planning a snap!
  • Employs an emergent-style curriculum approach.  The month-by-month curriculums rob you and your children the opportunity to plan what to teach and when to teach it.  This preschool and kindergarten curriculum system puts you back in charge by providing you with the tools and format to make this possible.  The cards can be mixed and matched within and between thematic units to meet the specific needs and interests of the children in your classroom. With over 1200 activity cards, you can see how you will never be short of ideas when you plan!
  • Utilizes Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. This brings out the best in all of your young students; from those that love to sit and read to learn, to those that need to touch, sing or move to learn. “Setting the Stage for Learning” offers preschool activities in art and cooking, provides songs,  fingerplays, and games, opportunites for language, math, science and social studies development. Those alone address most of the ways in which children learn.  Combine that with the manual’s suggestions for learning centers to incorporate interpersonal and intrapersonal needs, and you will be offering lessons in formats that reach all children’s learning styles throughout each theme.
  • Adheres to NAEYC accreditation requirements. Accredited or looking to become accredited? This early childhood curriculum can help you to maintain or reach those goals. I have personally researched all of the curriculum guidelines required by naeyc so that “Setting the Stage for Learning” is your tool to support your aim for excellence in education.
  • Follows Bloom’s Taxonomy of thinking skills. Like other cognitive skills, children need to be taught how to open up their minds and think beyond the knowledge stage. The lessons in “Setting the Stage for Learning” suggest questions to help you  promote higher thinking skills  The open-ended format of the activities consistently encourages application, synthesis, analysis and evaluation skills which brings out the creativity in your children.
  • Provides organization for teachers. This preschool curriculum resource system that includes activity cards, manual and weekly planner combine for great tools to keep you organized! “Setting the Stage for Learning” is great for the transitions and communication between morning and afternoon staff.  No lesson plans needed to implement this system!  Now, even substitute teachers know what to do!
  • Applies “hand-on” lessons to encourage exploration, investigation and FUN! I designed this early childhood curriculum system so that the children can be active learners and participants throughout their day.
  • Supports the constructivist’s approach in both theory and with specific ideas for easy implementation.  Constructivism is based on the premise that learning is constructed by fitting new information together with what is already known. “Setting the Stage for Learning’s” use of themes that are of high interest to children and my philosophy of creating a rich environment filled with objects, pictures and interactive learning centers supports this philosophy and shows you step-by-step how to create this in your classroom!

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