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                                                             RECYCLED ART                                            1-K12

Preparation: (20 minutes)

You will need:      

* any clean pieces of trash such as twist ties, popsicle sticks,
packing peanuts or shells,  container tops, bottle caps, boxes, milk/juice containers, buttons, bubble wrap, etc.

* glue                                         * scissors              
* construction paper                   * markers/crayons 

1.   Place the array of trash pieces on the table along with the glue, scissors, construction paper and markers and invite the children to sit or stand at the table.
2.   Explain that the items they see before them are “building materials” and you want them to create something from the pieces they see.
3.   Hold up each type of “trash” item and label it and where it might have come from.  
4.   Let them get started.   This may be a good “partner” activity in which they create something with another child.
5.   Move around the room and provide assistance when needed.  Use lots of dialogue to reinforce and encourage more creativity.
6.   Let each child show and describe what they created using the recycled pieces of trash.

General Theme                          C1      FM2       S12               A    rts and Crafts

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