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                                                             SPACE HELMETS                                               1-C4

Preparation: (30 minutes)

Send a note home asking each parent to send in empty gallon milk jug in to class.  Have them cut the top and handle out making a large opening and U-shape so it can be slipped over the child’s head.

You will need:     

* scraps of material                                   * aluminum foil
* colored tissue                                         * stickers
* glue, glue cups and brushes                    * permanent markers
* pipe cleaners                                          * tissue                              
* Misc. bits of: packing beads, bread tags, twist ties, paper cups, milk caps, etc.

1.  Have a few extra precut milk jugs available in case parents forget.
2.  Lay all the materials you have collected on the tables where the children can easily reach.

1.   Gather the children and tell them that they will be making space helmets.  Slip the helmets on the children to make sure that they fit and make the necessary cuts before they begin decorating.
2.  Ask the children to describe what they think a space helmet should look like and what features it might have.  Discuss the visor, the radio, and other space helmet attributes.
3.   Have the children sit at the tables.  Point out the various materials you have collected and encourage them to add what they wish.  This would be an excellent activity for the teacher to make along with the children to have them visually model ideas.  Create dialogue with them as they work, “You added the packing beads because..., Wow, you used a lot of foil that will reflect the light!” etc.
4.   After they are dry, let the children play using their new helmets.  Take pictures that can be added to a space experience book or put on display for the children and parents.

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