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Training Testimonial

Very enlightening workshop.” Michelle

 “She knows her stuff!” Jasmine

 “Marcy’s presentation was informative, interactive and just plain delightful!” Conset

 “Marcy is a good speaker, she knew what she was talking about & gave good handouts.” Alishia

 “Marcy kept it very fun, it was almost like you were on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what she was going to say next.” Jessica

 “She was extremely well educated about the subject was very clear in explaining.” Susan

 “Awesome – very informative.” BH

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Empowering topics for you

“Is that normal?” Recognizing and addressing children with special needs
As teachers, we often find that it is our responsibility to help identify or screen for children with special needs. Find out what to look for, how to begin the referral process and how to conference with the parents effectively.

Recognizing Special Needs: What it is and how to deal with it effectively.
Moving beyond the basic information and providing specific and effective strategies makes this workshop a winner for those that are currently dealing with children with special needs.

The Autism Spectrum: What is it and how can I address a child with autism’s needs?
As more and more children are diagnosed with PDD, it is important to understand just what it is and what it isn’t.  This workshop will be informative by sharing the characteristics, effective learning strategies and adaptations or accommodations needed to create a successful learning environment.!

ADHD/ADD Strategies: Helping everyone cope with this disability!
More and more children are either suspected to have or have been diagnosed with this disability.  Learn ways to make accommodations and changes in both your setting and your scheduling that can make the difference between just surviving and being productive and helpful.

Dealing with Oppositional Defiance Disorder
Are you dealing with a child that seems to go into a rage at the smallest incident? Does this child seem to find satisfaction in being mean? This workshop will help you to identify this disorder and provide you with proven strategies that work so that you can deal with this child and the other children in your classroom!

“Will you stop that?!”: Behavior Strategies that work!
Come away with a better understanding of why children “misbehave” and practice implementing proven ways to turn that behavior into positive actions with others.

Will You Stop That?!” Behavior Strategies - Part 2: Let’s get down to business!
You’ve had the basics, now it’s time to dig deeper into the specific techniques that work for each behavioral style.  You will come away feeling equipped to handle any difficult behavior!

Ugh!, Assessment: How to make it work for you
Learn a variety of formal and informal assessment strategies that help you evaluate evidence of early learning in your students and the effectiveness of your program.

The Assessment Pathway:
Using assessment to guide your teaching and learning experiences!
Assessment plays a vital role in identifying and addressing the strengths and challenges of our children.  This workshop guides you through the entire assessment pathway: from initial screening to interpreting results for adjusting our program and instruction!

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Have fun being inspired with Marcy’s certified training

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