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                                                       THE ALPHABET TRAIN                                         5-H4

Preparation: (35 minutes)

You will need:  

* construction paper                  * scissors                                     * glue                        * markers
* object pictures                        * 6-8 shoe boxes                        * train books 

1.  Cover the boxes and decorate to look like boxcars on a train.  Make an engine and a caboose out of construction paper and attach. Label each box with a different alphabet letter.  The letters Pp, Mm, Dd, Tt, Bb, Ss, Rf and Ff work well.
2.  Cut out the object pictures representing those beginning sounds and that are items that might be transported on trains such as potatoes, pianos, milk, men, dogs, telephones, buggies, stoves, rockers, furniture, etc.  Have several examples for each letter.

1.   Lay the pictures on the floor and set the box “train” along the wall where all the children can see.  Tell them that they are going to sort the pictures by beginning sounds and place them in the box car with the corresponding letters.   Explain and demonstrate with exaggerated sounds how each object can fit in just one box.
2.   Let 1 or 2 verbal children go first to model how to do this activity.  Reinforce answers with dialogue such as, “That’s correct, rrrattle starts with a “r” and goes into the Rr car, or, “Listen again, what sound do you hear when I say sssalt?”  Give each an opportunity to place objects in the cars.
3.   Leave this activity out for children to use during free time.

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