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Developmental Checklist

         It also helps a teacher to notice those pockets in the class’s performance and to try to determine if they are due to developmental readiness or due to experience and exposure.  For example, in the sample given, only 50% of the students are demonstrating the ability to cut on a line.  Is this due to the fact that the class’s cutting skills are below average, or is it relative to the opportunities offered to practice cutting on a line? Why is Tasha unable to string beads or place pegs in a pegboard?  Is it due to hand-eye coordination deficits or rather she had never tried before the assessment date?

Another type of checklist may look like this:

Developmental Checklist for 3 ½ to 4 ½ Year Olds

 Child’s Name: __Jimmy______             DOB: __10/12/03____   Date: __5/17/06_____

Gross Motor:


Skill assessed


Balances on a narrow beam

Jimmy is able to balance but not walk the entire distance

Coordinated running/stride

Does this very well

Walks/jumps forward, backwards, sideways

Walks forward/backward/sideways – not jumps

Climbs skillfully

Still appears clumsy and needs some assistance

Balances on one foot, can hop & stand on tiptoes

Does this very well

Catches & throws a beanbag

Can throw but not catch consistently

Steers bike around corners with feet on pedals

Jimmy loves to ride a bike!

This checklist (fig. 3.6) enables a teacher to not only assess the completion of a skill, but to make comments to demonstrate progress towards that mastery.  This type of teacher-made assessment tries to combine both the checklist format with the observation format.  When a


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