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“Connecting Teachers with Information and Ideas!”

Imagine having tools to support your planning... 



Imagine no longer ~ “Setting the Stage for Learning” is here!

“There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have helped to energize
and empower teachers & directors!”

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Here’s how easy planning is for you!

1. Select your theme:

2. Check the Table of Contents for activity ideas:

Curriculum resources!04 The manual tabs make finding your theme quick and easy! Planning is easy using the table of contents

3. Find and select the cards you need to plan your week!

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I even include common holidays for you!03 Here's a great cooking activity!04 Holiday ideas for you developing literacy skills03 I can just write the code on my lesson plans

4. As you pull cards, write them onto a daily or weekly planning organizer...

Planning step 4 - place the cards in the planner!02 The planner keeps your activities organized!02 Just keep adding lesson choices until your week is complete!

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and place them into the weekly planner!  Keep selecting, pulling and placing until
your week is complete!

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5. Your weekly planning is done! Now that was fast and easy!

Planning is a snap!
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P1020116 All these ideas for just one theme!04

Look at all the lesson choices you get....

The activity cards are formatted with quality ideas -
imbedded with the research of:

  • Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • DAP
  • Emergent Curriculum approach

So you can RELAX! I’ve done the work - you enjoy the results!

Activities that are fun AND develop higher level thinking skills!

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Some examples:

All aboard idea

All Aboard!

Activity ideas that promote learning and assessment opportunities!

Park Your Car

You get ideas that promote learning and fun

Train Sequencing

You get ideas that develop higher level thinking skills

Vehicle Venn

Offering differentiated instruction tips so you can meet the specific needs of your class!

I offer specific ideas...

to help you set your stage!

Ideas for setting your stage!02 Set your stage! Ideas around for interest centers03
Ideas for you - room design

Around the room or for each interest center... you now have the tools to help you create this “World of Discovery”!

I even include all content areas for the holidays:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Fingerplays & Songs
  • Games
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
Look at all of your activity choices for one holiday!03

No more wasting time looking for ideas...

Where was that science activity...02

Where was that science activity?

Can I change this phonics activity to fit my theme...

How do I change this phonics activity?

My system makes your planning...

How do I change this phonics activity to fit my theme...

I need another idea for measuring...

My planning is done!02


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