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Supporting licensing - “Setting the Stage for Learning” adheres to state and naeyc guidelines as well as the Head Start Domain Elements for early childhood curriculum to maintain or achieve your licensing or accreditation requirements through:

  • Content - Comprehensive preschool curriculum system with open-ended activities in language arts, math, science and social studies.
  • Environment - “Setting the Stage for Learning” provides an educationally rich and interactive environment based on thematic units.
  • Assessment - “Setting the Stage for Learning” supports the assessment process through content and format for portfolios, observations and standardized tests. All activity cards include academic learning standards for outcome-based objectives.

Formatted with:

  • Thematic Units - makes learning meaningful for both children and teachers!
  • Interest or activity centers where preschool children engage in independent, deeper learning
  • Current research and trends of”
    • Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy of Higher Thinking Skills
    • Developmentally Appropriate Practices - supported by naeyc

Adhering to licensing standards & supporting assessment!

  • Offers preschool activities and settings to promote:
    • Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Science Inquiry skills
    • Social Studies awareness

Supporting the Head Start Domains!

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