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“Connecting Teachers with Information and Ideas!”

I love bringing fun and insights to you through powerful training!

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Marcy is a PQAS (Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System) certified trainer! I have demonstrated I have the experience, knowledge and skill to train others effectively. 

My PQAS number is

Read what other teachers say about Marcy’s amazing training sessions:

“Marcy, you are something wonderful! I enjoy your fun, outgoing & interesting approach!”

“Marcy’s energy is great.  I have slept through other trainings, but Marcy captivated my attention
and got through to me on my level!”

“Marcy’s amazing!  She is one of the few instructors that keep you interested the whole workshop.”

“Gets on with it, uses humor, changes tactics to keep attention on her.  Therefore her knowledge gets across!”

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Experience these benefits:

 Primarily-Kids saves you:

  1.  Disappointment ~ when hired trainers perform poorly, everyone is disappointed for time & money are wasted. Marcy offers satisfaction guaranteed!
  2.  Worry ~ Center managers & teachers worry about completing the required training hours ~ Marcy can be on hand to meet you needs.
  3. Stress ~ No need to stress about who to call or how to make the training match your center’s needs.  Marcy can customize training for you!

 Primarily-Kids offers you:

  1.  Certified Hours ~ make your hours count! Whether pursuing STARs or hours, Marcy can help you meet those training requirements
  2.  Relevant Training ~ Marcy interviews you before each workshop to ensure that the teaches are learning the things they want & need to know .
  3. Camaraderie Building~ Through training and the hands-on interactive format, the teachers create lasting bonds.
  4. Convenience ~ Having Marcy come to you saves employees gas and time.
  5. Quality Information ~ Training is guaranteed to address topics utilizing current trends and philosophies in education.
  6. Personalization ~ Training can be specific to your regulations or center’s current issues.

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More comments from teachers like you!

 "Marcy was so up and gave me great ideas! I want
  to be more creative for the children.  Now I think
  I can do this!"

 “Marcy is great. I could listen to her for hours! She
  made all the topics interesting and fun. Lots of
  great ideas.”

 “Great speaker! You should feel very proud that
  you are able to give such helpful information to
  people that truly care.  Knowledge is power!”

 “Marcy looks at issues from both sides -
  teacher/parent - and truly helps the two sides
  become one team for the child.”


Check out my INSPIRING list of topics:

Special Needs           Curriculum Content

Parenting       Behavior

Early Childhood Philosophy & Trends 

Standards & Assessment Topics

Director/Manager Training Topics

Choose from the topics included!
Or ask for customized training

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